March 2002 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Upon arriving in Tricotte two weeks ago, I walked to the orphanage to extend greetings to the kids.  The boys always rush up and shake hands with a big smile.  The girls are a little more shy, but one by one they come and reach up for a kiss on the cheek.  As I looked around, I spotted a boy who stayed in the background.  He didn’t look familiar.  I approached him and asked, “kouman rele?”  He responded in Creole, “ My name is Landi.”  Our 105th child in the orphanage, Landi, came from the village of Mola.  Mola is high up in the mountains about 12 walking hours from Tricotte.  Landi’s family is extremely poor.  Hearing of the orphanage, they brought him to Tricotte, trusting that he would be cared for.  Sure enough, there is always room for one more.  We are now nine children over the capacity in the orphanage.  The other children don’t seem to mind doubling up in beds, remembering the time when they were the ‘new’ kid.  There’s always room for one more. Continue Reading →