June 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It was Sunday morning, and I was reviewing the notes for a sermon I would preach in about an hour at the Church in Tricotte, when Eldier entered the room.  “They are going to baptize down at the river,” he told me.  I hadn’t yet witnessed a baptism in Haiti, so I set down my Bible and notebook and decided to join those Haitian believers as these converts took this public step of obedience.

I reached the main pathway that led down the mountain to the river just as Pastor Diogene passed by with a group of Haitian brothers and sisters.  When he saw me, Diogene stopped and called, “Pastor Philip, I want you to help me baptize this morning.”  I immediately accepted this unexpected honor and accompanied the group the rest of the way to the location they had selected.

When Diogene asked me to help, I expected that he and I would together baptize each new believer, Diogene on one side and I on the other.  I anticipated Diogene taking the lead and my role being more ceremonial than anything.  But when we arrived at the baptismal site, he said to me, “I’ll baptize here,” and pointing ten yards upstream, “you baptize there.” Continue Reading →