March 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

My last day in Haiti last month was spent in Port au Prince making the rounds to our house projects.  It was encouraging to finally see the results of months of preparation to get this project started.  The earthquake left rubble that had to be cleared away in order to begin rebuilding.  We now have 13 houses either completed or very close.  Pastor Diogene and I walked through the neighborhood near the church since the “streets” are too narrow to drive through.  We met the home owners and received grateful greetings from the proud recipients of the new homes.

Now these homes don’t seem to be much by our standards but are a tremendous blessing to those who have been living in a tent or simply under a blue tarp for the past year. One new home was built on a lot that is only 16 foot square because that is the only land this widow has.  That means after the walls are build directly on the property line the only room is about 14’ x 9’ plus a 4-foot porch right on the street.  This beautiful Haitian lady was all smiles when we came up and she quickly gave us hugs and many thanks.  I pass the “thank you” on to you.  Without your generous support this would not be possible. Continue Reading →