Starfish Story

While walking along a beach after a particularly high tide, a man noticed a boy picking up starfish after starfish and throwing them back into the sea. When he neared the youngster, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“These starfish will die if they don’t get back into the water,” the boy replied as he hurriedly continued his work.”

“There are thousands of starfish on this beach,” the man said. “Nothing you can do can possibly make a difference.”

The boy held out the starfish he had just picked up. “It makes a difference to this one,” he said and threw it into the ocean.

Like these starfish, there are more children in desperate need than any one of us could possibly hope to reach. Their numbers are daunting, causing many of us to resign ourselves to the notion that nothing we can do can have any real impact on a problem of such magnitude. And if solving the problem is the goal, they are right. Jesus himself told us, “You will always have the poor.”

But at Starfish Ministries the focus is on touching individual lives. It may not significantly affect the world’s poverty problem if one more child has a warm bed to sleep in tonight. It may not drastically change any statistics if one more child eats a decent meal and learns to read. And the love a child receives in the Starfish Ministries Children’s Home or a Starfish Ministries sponsored school may not make a difference to those focused on the “big picture.” But we know it makes a difference to each child.