After what seems like a very short time back home, I am now sitting at the airport waiting for my flight back into Haiti.  I am anxious to return, to continue with our efforts in food and shelter distribution.  The reports about food distribution in the entire city have been mixed.  It is a very big job to feed almost 2 million people; a job that takes very good organization and planning.  As a small organization, we are trying to take care of the immediate neighbourhood around the Port-au-Prince church.

The container that was shipped from Langley 2 weeks ago should be arriving in a couple of days.  The container is filled with 40 pallets of soup mix & apples from the Fraser Valley Gleaners, as well as almost 300 donated tents and tarps.  This should be enough tents & tarps to care for our entire distribution area!  I am excited to have the opportunity to share the gifts donated by my home church and the Langley community with the Haitian people.
During my time in Haiti, I will be working to organize the family sponsorship program.  My goal is to have a personal report prepared on each sponsored family, and get that report into the hands of the sponsoring family.  This will allow a personal connection between the two families.  I will also be getting construction started on housing for our High School age orphanage children who have been living in the Port-au-Prince area, and are now homeless.  Our goal in this area is to provide secure, good quality housing, allowing them to return to their studies as quickly as possible.
I have a personal story to share about my current journey.  Originally, I had planned on returning to Haiti within a week.  I soon realized that this was much too soon for my health, and the health of my family.  Ruth and i spent time talking and praying about it, and we decided that Feb 11th was a good day to leave.  So for about a week, I have been telling everyone that I was leaving on Feb 11th.  The only problem was I didn’t have a flight.  Commercial airlines are not flying into Haiti, so access is difficult.  As days went on, I still felt that Feb 11th was the day, and I was praying constantly for a flight.
Ever since returning from Haiti in November, I have been talking about the idea that when most of us pray, we don’t really expect God to answer.  We pray, but then look for other options on our own.  Most of the time, I am no different.  It is difficult in our society to not rely on our own strength.  After spending the past 3 weeks in Haiti however, I should know better.  As I prayed for a flight, I forgot to do one important thing… pack.  If I truly expected God to get me a ticket, I should have packed!  (Much like praying for rain, then not bringing your umbrella.
On Wednesday afternoon at 6pm, I received an email saying that a flight was available out of Miami, headed for Port-au-Prince.  This was exactly what I had been praying and waiting for!  Why am I surprised when God answers with just what I needed?  I was immediately thrown into panic and I had just a few hours to get packed, and get all my other business affairs in order.  My immediate thought was how foolish I was.  I felt that God wanted me to leave on Thursday; I prayed for a ticket, but I never packed my bag.
So now I sit at the airport waiting for my flight, giving thanks to God for providing for my needs, even though I didn’t get my bags packed in anticipation of answered prayer.
We serve a great God.  He cares about us, has a plan for us, and we need to continue to seek His will and leading in our lives every second of every day.
Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support of Starfish Ministries in Haiti.
Thanks for your encouragement and support, I really do appreciate it!
In Christ,
Doug Jarvie
Starfish Ministries



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