School History

Education has always been an important element of our ministry to children in Haiti.  From the beginning, a portion of the sponsorship for each child in the orphanage has gone to pay tuition at a local private Christian school, first in Pont Sonde and now in Tricotte.

In 2000, however, we sensed God’s call to expand our educational ministry beyond the walls of the orphanage.  Roughly half of the children in all of Haiti have no opportunity for education, and in the region around Tricotte it’s much worse than that.  There are  literally thousands of children with no school to attend.  This is beach teeming with Starfish!

Initially, Starfish Ministries became involved with four existing private Christian schools in in the villages of Beaudois, Champagne, David, and Miock. These schools struggled because the majority of their students were unable to pay any reasonable tuition, but with sponsorships they have begun to thrive.  Then, in 2001, Starfish Ministries added an additional existing school in Drigeon and founded a brand new school in Ravine.  In September 2002, four more schools–Bera, Eau-Janvive, Grand Plaine, and Pendu–were added, bringing the total schools Starfish Ministries in involved in to nine. The school in Beaudois no longer is part of our school program as another organization began to support this work.  Several of our sponsored children from Beaudois, are now attending our school in Ravine.

In September 2003, three more schools were added bringing the tolal to twelve.  These new schools are located in the villages of Ti-David, Biscaille and La-Pierre.  The total enrollment has risen to 3406 students.  This a great opportunity to share Jesus Christ with these students and also opens the door to reach out to their parents.