Current Needs

To give toward any of these highlighted needs or any other need, use the “Donate” button below and enter the name of the need under “Purpose” on the form.

Feeding Program

Cost: Any Amount. For many of the children in Starfish Ministries’ schools, the food they receive from our feeding program may be the only food they eat all day. (Our monthly feeding costs range from $10,000 to $12,000 per month, depending on the availability of donated food and current food prices.)


Cost: $20 per Bench. Several of our schools had more children enroll than expected, and this has left us with a shortage of benches. The style we use provides a seat for the children as well as a surface to write on.


Cost: $3,000 per well. Most villages where Starfish Ministries is currently involved do not have access to clean water. The vision of Starfish is to drill a well in each village where sponsored children attend school. (We appreciate contributions toward all or part of a well.)

In the United States

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Starfish Ministries
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In Canada

Contribute to Starfish Ministries Canada by sending your check to:

Starfish Ministries Canada
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Langley, BC  V2Y2M5

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