June 2001 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As in the states, June marks the end of the school year in Haiti.  It’s the time to take a standardized exam that will determine if the student will advance to the next grade level in September.  In Haiti there is no social promotion – each child must pass the test or take the grade level over again.  So it’s a traumatic time for many of them. 

Many of our orphanage children, as well as the children in our village schools, haven’t had the opportunity to go to school at all until recently. This means that some of the older children are still in the lower grades.  Many of their parents are illiterate (literacy is about 20% in the country) and don’t see the value of education  Therefore they don’t give a lot of support to their children.  So normal advancement can be very slow, with a child possibly staying several years in one grade. Continue Reading →