As Starfish Ministries continues to grow, we continue to look for opportunities to serve and expand the horizons for our Haitian brothers and sisters.  As we have experienced the tremendous growth of both our schools and the churches we have planted and support, we have realized the need to search out and start projects that will help the long term success and independence of those we serve.  A big part in this is finding areas of sustainable economic opportunity as there is a tremendous need for work in Haiti which has a 95% unemployment rate throughout the country.  We believe that if Starfish Ministries can help communities become self sustained and independent this will create an environment that allows Starfish to further spread the good news of Christ and education opportunities to those who need it most.  Starfish Ministries is actively pursuing microeconomic opportunities that we can introduce into our ministry in Haiti.  If you have any new ideas or would like to be involved, please contact us at


Our plan moving forward is to put more emphasis on reforestation and help for the Haitians to be more effective in their farming and gardening practices. In order to accomplish this we will need to hire a trained Haitian to head this ministry. We would like to identify an agronomist who can take our vision and passion for seeing forests spring up on the Tricotte and surrounding area hillsides and bring it to pass. That person would also be part of our school curriculum, teaching the children from a very early age to take responsibility for their surrounding environment. I can envision each one of our school children given the responsibility of planting and caring for a couple trees. They would plant one on the school property and another at their home. 

 Our goal is to plant several different species of trees. Some of them will be fruit trees like Mango, Avocado, Lemon and Lime. Within a few years these would be producing fruit crops that will be able to be harvested for the financial benefit of the growers. We will also plant some Mahogany trees which were native to Haiti. They have been all but deforested out of the land and need to be reintroduced to the area. And then there are Moringa trees that grow fast and have great medicine value. They are also renewable so when cut back will grow back quickly. They have a good root system that helps much with the erosion problem.

A typical hillside in Northwest Haiti depleted of most natural trees