June 2002 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It was the summer of 1992 when we first heard about Haiti.  Prior to that I would have had a difficult time finding it on the map.  But in November of that year, I joined a missions team from Hillcrest Chapel in Bellingham and helped build the orphanage in Haiti for Childcare International.  That was a trip that really changed our lives.  I came back overwhelmed with the tremendous need and the feeling that it was an almost impossible situation.  How could we possibly make a difference when there was so much need?  It was short time later that I read the Starfish story for the first time and then realized that we could make a difference in the lives of a few and that’s what our responsibility was.  We began by sponsoring one child.

Now it’s ten years later and we have the responsibility for over 1700 children.  It’s hard for us to believe.  How did we get from one sponsored child to 1700?  Continue Reading →