September 2002 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It was only two years ago that God called us to start the school ministry.  Starting with schools in four villages, the ministry has now grown to schools in nine villages.  In addition to that, the enrollment in each school continues to grow — to the extent that this month there will be at least 2115 children in these nine schools.  Isn’t this a great opportunity to share the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth?

In July Glenn and I traveled with Pastor Diogene and our school director, Norius, to visit the four new schools we will begin to support this month.  We arrived in the village of Eau-Janvier at about 10:30 in the morning.  We had traveled approximately one and a half hours off the main gravel road  — through a “big” river, on dirt paths, over and around a rolling hill, through a deep ravine and finally we were there.  Forty children were waiting for us with their parents.  The children were dressed in their finest clothes, ready to have their pictures taken for sponsorship.  Getting them to smile was nearly impossible as they were afraid of us “blancs”.  We were probably the first white people they had ever seen in this remote area. Continue Reading →