February 2003 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

January 13, 2003, Mom Bovenkamp went  to her heavenly home after a short illness.  Mom was a tremendous support to this ministry.  She was a prayer warrior we could always count on.  Mom not only prayed for the many children she and Dad sponsored, but she also prayed faithfully for the many other needs in Haiti.  Mom’s prayer support will surely be missed.

Sheryl and I left for Haiti along with a small team on January 8.  That afternoon I visited with Mom and told her it was difficult to leave with her sick and on her way to the hospital.  Her reply was that we needed to go – God had things for us to do in Haiti and that’s where Mom wanted us to be.  She then said, “I’m so proud of you and the work God has given you to do in Haiti.”  I thought about that a little and replied, “Mom, much of the credit goes to you.  During my younger years, some being years of rebellion, you were always there praying for me and God used those prayers mightily in my life.  You Mom are much of the reason we are doing what we do today.”  I’m so thankful for a praying mom, who so faithfully fulfilled that important ministry.  The results of that is evident in our lives and in the ministry that God has called us to. Continue Reading →