April 2003 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It’s Friday, March 28th, about 10:30 in the morning.  I’m sitting in my room in the guesthouse here in Tricotte, Haiti, in 90 degree humid weather.  I’ve been reflecting over the last couple of weeks.  I’m sure the war is a big part of the news and life at home.  But here in Haiti, most people are oblivious to it.  They continue to struggle for their next meal, wonder how to support families, and are concerned with what their future holds.

Yesterday I visited a new village, Trou-Codon.  It is one of 30 – 40 villages that have applied  for support for a school in their village.  A few weeks ago some of the village leaders and parents came to Tricotte to meet with Norius, the school director for Starfish Ministries.  They told him they had heard about our ministry and asked if we could help them.  Norius began to pray and a few days later visited the village to survey the need.  He discovered many children with no possibility for an education and no gospel presence in the village.  So Norius began to inquire about available land for a school and possibly a church. Continue Reading →