May 2003 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The sun dipped in the sky to the west and the heat finally began to ease — though not by much — as I sat with Pastor Diogene in the shade of the Tricotte Orphanage and discussed Starfish business late one warm March afternoon.  The children were through with school for the day and had changed from their uniforms into their work-and-play clothes.  Some were inside studying while others played on the hard-packed soil in front of the home, and a handful of young girls lingered just far enough away so as not to intrude on our meeting, offering shy smiles and slight waves whenever I’d look up.

As Diogene and I moved from one topic to another, I noticed a short, slender figure crest the hill on the path that led up from the river.  The man recognized us before he was near enough that I could see him clearly and headed our way, but soon the sharp features of the fit, middle-aged Pastor Remy Heclatan of our Champagne School came into focus and I rose to greet him. Continue Reading →