September 2003 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It was Sunday afternoon in Haiti.  I was walking through the village of Tricotte when one of the older orphanage children came to me with a crying Joanna.  She had a large bump on her head which was bleeding a little, and it was Dr. Bernie to the rescue.  I took her to my room, shaved a little hair, cleaned the wound, and put on some antiseptic ointment.  The final part of the treatment is a piece of candy (I think that is why I have so many patients)!  Taking care of orphanage children’s cuts and bruises gives me the opportunity to interact with these kids and let them know I love them.  After I finished treating Joanna she didn’t want to leave.  So I took her on my lap and soon she was sleeping.  It didn’t take me long to doze off also, and there we were, both taking a Sunday afternoon nap.  At some point I let out a snore and woke us both up.  Joanna looked up at me with her beautiful, bright eyes and gave me a loving smile.  Continue Reading →