July 2004 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When I talked to Pastor Diogene this week, I asked how things were going in the village of Bethel. His enthusiastic answer, “Unbelievable!” Last Tuesday the Bible Study team from Diogene’s Port-au-Prince church arrived in Bethel at 3:00 PM. That’s an hour before the Bible study was to begin and that’s a miracle in itself. But when they arrived at the big tree in the middle of the village, there were already people waiting. And by 4:00 there were 138 people ready to hear the gospel message. Just eight weeks ago they started this outreach Bible study with 14 people and each week the group has grown. There are over 20 of them that have become Christians. What a tremendous working of the Holy Spirit in these lives! The people are so hungry for the truth of God’s Word.

Pastor Diogene shared with me by phone this week, “I’ve been giving these people Bibles and hymnbooks and assigning them homework. They are coming back prepared to share what they are learning. It’s like a picnic!” he said. “They are so excited to have a Bible to read and study.” Continue Reading →