August 2004 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I spent the first three weeks of July in Haiti along with a small team of college students teaching English to our children in the orphanage. It is so good to be able to sit with our kids and carry on a conversation in English. Now we have the opportunity to really get to know them as they begin to share some of their life stories. This is the fourth summer we have taught English and we are seeing a positive difference.

Aaron and Dawn Meyers joined the team for ten days. They are our niece and nephew who have done all the great work on our website (check it out at ). They also have an interest in seeing Haiti reforested. Due to poverty and lack of ability to replant trees, Haiti now has less than 5% of its trees left, resulting in eroding most of Haiti’s good farming soil out to sea, creating a loss of fishing. In May heavy rains caused mud slides resulting in considerable loss of life and property. Aaron and Dawn are helping to oversee the start of a small tree nursery in Tricotte, and hope to find a market for tree seeds. Our orphanage house father, Dumont, has a degree in agronomy and is our Haitian expert on this project. He is using many of the boys in the orphanage to prepare seeding beds, plant, water, and keep the weeds down. (The fact that Dumont was gifted in this area was unknown to us when he was hired. God provides in incredible ways.) Continue Reading →