February 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We had mixed emotions as we traveled through the flood stricken areas of Haiti in January. We still saw many signs of massive destruction. In one area that had previously been a very dry desert, the cacti are growing up through the waters of a huge lake – four months after the tropical storm flooding. The water is still as high as two feet in some places on the road but that as well is receding — it had been over ten feet deep. Over 2000 Haitians died in this disaster and the people are still recovering from the loss, but at the same time are bouncing back and rebuilding their lives.

In the village of LaBranle, we stopped to visit some of the families who our ministry is reaching out to with aid. Two brothers in their late teens pointed out where their home had once been. The flash flood had come at night and swept their mud hut away. Their father, mother, two younger brothers and one younger sister all died that night. An older sister who was eight months pregnant at the time had grabbed on to a cactus tree and miraculously was able to hang on for over 18 hours until the water receded enough for her to be rescued. Continue Reading →