April 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Yes, it is very early to be sending out this letter. Sheryl and I always try to plan our travel so that we are home to send out newsletters at the first of the month — but this month it didn’t work out. For those of you who sponsor children and usually get a statement with the newsletter, look no further — we didn’t send a statement this month. Since it is over a week from the end of the month, we have still to receive many checks this month and therefore didn’t want to send a statement that didn’t reflect an accurate account of what is still coming. We are enclosing your return envelope, encouraging you to send your check in April without the statement stub. Thank you very much for your understanding!!

Now for the reason we won’t be home at month’s end.

In 1994 I traveled to Kenya with a mission team for Childcare International. While in Kenya, I met a young Kenyan boy, named Mainka, who needed a sponsor. He was from the Massai tribe. I developed a relationship with Mainka while there and my heart was encouraged to continue that relationship through sponsorship. We wrote back and forth while Mainka completed his elementary school and high school. Through that communication, Mainka indicated a desire to go to Bible School upon completing high school and then becoming a pastor. Continue Reading →