May 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Our trip to Kenya was a tremendous encouragement to Sheryl and me. Our time with our son, Mainka, from the Maasai tribe of Africa was special. We quickly bonded with him as he called us Mom and Dad. We began sponsoring Mainka through Childcare International in 1994 and continued to support him through his Bible College education. As a chosen speaker of his graduating class we were very proud of him. Through interaction with his professors, his fellow classmates, and the people in the church in which he ministered, we heard about a dedicated young man who has been effectively serving the Lord and being used of God to touch the lives of many.

Mainka has a very humble and quiet spirit. But when he spoke at graduation, in his church, and at a celebration held in his honor at his home community he spoke confidently and boldly of his God. We believe that God will use Mainka mightily as he ministers to his Maasai tribe and beyond. Continue Reading →