October 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

 Our Starfish Ministries’ office is overflowing with grand offerings of all kinds. Your generosity has enabled us to pack many needed and sought after items for the orphan kids, schools, and village people of Haiti.. As we sorted and labeled we moved the ‘ready to go’ containers into our garage which is now stacked with rows of large bags and boxes marked “village” “orphanage” “shoes” “towels” “sheets” “glasses” “backpacks” “sponsor gifts” “quilts” “soccer shoes” “soccer uniforms” “school supplies” “orphanage toys, etc”. We heartily thank you for the generous donations for the container.

I plan to get the metal roofing, windows, framing lumber, and solar panels in the 40 foot container, which sits just north of Westside, this week end so we can then begin to load the donated items. If anyone is hoping to still send a sponsor gift or anything else you have a few more days, till the middle of October. Thanks again for your generosity. Continue Reading →