November 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

October brought two milestones into our lives. First, we welcomed a new, precious granddaughter into the family. Katelyn Joy was born October 12 to our daughter Karla and her husband Andrew Bright. Karla is now a full time mom, having taught school for the past 5 years. Before getting married, Karla spent one and a half years in Haiti, teaching school in Port-au-Prince and fell in love with the Haitian children. She is now able to help us with the home part of the ministry. It is so good to have little Katelyn close to us so we can see her often. Our other 4 equally precious grandchildren live in California.

The second milestone happened ten days later. On October 22, 1945, I was born, and if I did the math correctly, I hit 60 this year, joining my wife, Sheryl, in the 60’s club! Continue Reading →