January 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

I extend greetings to you from Pastor Diogene and his wife. They, along with a team of 50 believers from his Tricotte and Port-au-Prince churches, spent December 21 – 25 sharing the gospel at an evangelistic crusade in the village of Bethel. Pastor Diogene was so excited as I talked to him on the phone today. “It was marvelous to see God working in these people’s lives,” he said. He told me that 49 more people from Bethel have become Christians. That is after 128 trusted the Lord in November.

Diogene went on to tell about the difference that is now evident in Bethel. In the past, at Christmas time, the voodoo worshipers and witchdoctors have used this time to encourage evil spirit activity. Their demonic calls lasted throughout the night as they would sacrifice pigs and beat their drums. But this year, no evil spirits arrived. The Light of the Savior is shining bright in that formerly dark village. We praise God for what He is doing in Bethel! Continue Reading →