March 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

During these past weeks and months, the turmoil in Haiti has been severe.  Many times we have thought that it couldn’t get worse, but sure enough it does.  During the recent election process, the city of Port-au-Prince was again a city of extreme chaos and destruction.  Burning tires, stolen cars lit afire, boulders pushed in the middle of streets, and roadblocks of cut down trees brought the city to a standstill.

When I talked to Pastor Diogene one day by telephone, he said he had just experienced the worst day of his life in Haiti.  I was in the Dominican Republic for a couple of days waiting to meet him there, but he was not able to get out of Port-au-Prince.  After spending several hours waiting at the bus station,  then being told the buses would not be able to navigate the streets, he spent the next several hours needing to drive the streets himself in order to get home.  His wife, Leonette, was with him and prayed them back home.  They saw God at work as He brought the right people to them at the right time to help them get around all the barricades. Continue Reading →