July 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It is so good to see how God responds to the many needs in Haiti.  Sometimes I am a little apprehensive about how everything is going to get done.  The last day of May was one of those times.  Each month during the years of feeding the children in our school ministry we have seen God provide the necessary funds to pay for that food.  It’s a monthly budget of almost $15,000 and much of that is received through general giving.  But on the last day of May we were short for our June feeding by over $6000. Pastor Diogene had earlier told me we would be feeding the entire month.  I called him again on May 30th .  He said “Oh no, many of the final days of school will be short for testing, so we will be feeding only about 60% of the month.”  God again had supplied just the right amount for what He knew would be the need.  Again my apprehension was unfounded.  You’d think I’d learn.   God is always faithful – He never falls short! Continue Reading →