December 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I just got back from ten days in Haiti.  Due to the extreme rainy weather conditions, I couldn’t get to Tricotte.  The rivers were too high and the roads were too muddy.  So I spent the time in Port-au-Prince.  That wasn’t my plan but I keep learning that it’s not my plans that matter.  And I’ve learned to adjust to whatever God has in mind for me, even though I miss seeing our orphanage children. 

Spending the time in Port-au-Prince gave me the opportunity to push toward getting the container out of customs.  We are thankful that was accomplished.  For five months with one obstacle after another it sat in customs.   But with a little pressure and a lot of prayer, the container is now in a secure location in Port-au-Prince.  Due to the weather conditions we couldn’t have it trucked to Tricotte.  As the conditions improve we will bring the contents to Tricotte in our dump truck. Continue Reading →