February 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When God called us to this ministry over nine years ago, Sheryl & I thought we were being called to take care of a few orphans and to make a difference in their lives and that’s all.  Although the orphanage is still a very important part of what we are involved with, God has expanded that ministry to include the very vital ministry of the education of many children in the remote villages of Haiti.

It was in June of 2000 when we were aware that 4 villages near Tricotte, the village of our orphanage, would be losing their schools due to suspended support.   We were asked about taking over the school ministry in those villages, but we said NO.  We believed that God had called us to take care of these orphan children and that was enough.  However, we agreed to pray about it and as we did we felt God wanted us to take this step of faith.  God later confirmed this to us after we took over these 4 small Christian schools. Continue Reading →