June 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

While in Haiti a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with Norius, our school ministry director.  He is doing such a good job in that leadership role.  I appreciate Norius’ dedication to the education of the poorest of the poor in Haiti.  Our 28 schools are located in about a 15 mile radius of Tricotte.   Tricotte is home to our orphanage and is also the village where Norius and his family live.  Norius is married and has two young sons.  Each week he makes the rounds to each of the schools on his motorcycle.  I asked him how the motorcycle was running when I met with him in May and he told me that it had some mechanical problems and needed new tires.  So for the past few weeks he had been walking to the schools.  Well, needless to say we immediately advanced the money to him so he could be back on two wheels and save the leather on his shoes.  However, the motorcycle problems had not stopped him from doing his job – he just kept on going!  We praise God for that dedication! Continue Reading →