January 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This newsletter celebrates the ten year anniversary of Starfish Ministries.  It is exciting to remember what God has done over the last ten years and continues to do in the impoverished country of Haiti.  We believe that when He called us He also gave us the vision that HE is at work in Haiti and was asking us to come alongside of Him to do His work there.

Starfish Ministries began with 27 children in a small orphanage, then quickly grew to 48 children, and in two years was moved to a more desirable location, Tricotte, into a new building.  In this home were 100 plus children. The vision He gave us was to make a difference in these children’s lives for the present, for their future, but most importantly, for eternity.  We have seen this accomplished many times over as these first ten years have quickly come to a close.  Continue Reading →