August 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In June of 2006 we shared about a young 17 year old girl, Smailine, who had serious medical problems. She lived in Port-au-Prince with her parents. She had been suffering for many years from kidney stones and other intestinal problems. The team that was in Haiti the previous month had prayed for her and Dr Dave had also examined her. The Haitian doctors had determined that Smailine needed surgery too complicated to be done in Haiti and that she would need to go to Florida to have it done. Many had given generously at that time, helped with medical and possible travel expenses, and prayed with us for Smailine to get the VISA she needed to travel to theUnited States.

Now it’s time for “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. Much has happened over the past two years. One thing that didn’t happen is the VISA. Many attempts were made to apply for the VISA but with no success. Smailine continued to have a lot of pain for several months and was hospitalized in Haiti several times and the money that you supplied was used for paying those bills. Continue Reading →