April 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The sun had not yet reached its full Haitian potential as 18 Americans along with Pastor Diogene and Starfish Ministries’ School Director, Norius, poured out of four 4-wheel drive Toyotas and Mitsubishis. Our goal was to show the children’s version of the “Jesus” film to 455 students in the village of Corail, but that was another three miles up the mountain, and our vehicles had taken us as far as the conditions would allow. The team was eager for the hike, but the equipment we had to carry presented a challenge.

Rhys Temple, a stocky young Western Washington University student, volunteered to pack the heavy amplifier/speaker, Ryan Shay hoisted the projector, and Norius carried the generator, and we began our trek deeper into remote northern Haiti. We picked our way across uneven ground strewn with gravel and rocks and crisscrossed a small river several times. The first time we waded through the water, Davielle Shelman remarked, “Now I feel like a real missionary.” Occasionally the path took us away from the river to climb higher up the mountain before rejoining the flowing water that would eventually lead us to a church and a school in that secluded village. And as the sun rose higher, Rhys, Ryan, and Norius plodded steadily along, bearing their load for the team and ultimately for the children of Corail. Continue Reading →