July 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It’s been a few months since I’ve written our monthly newsletter. Son Philip does such a great job of communicating and many of you have commented very favorably. We will continue to ask him to write from time to time.

Pastor Diogene often asks me to pass on his warm greetings to you. He and wife Lionette really do appreciate your prayer support as they minister on the front lines on a daily basis. This past month has been particularly difficult for them. Diogene had two funerals to conduct in June.

The first one was for the 58 year old mother-in-law of Pastor Jacque in Bethel. This was an unexpected passing of a dedicated Christian lady who was well loved in the community. Diogene said that the funeral gave him a great opportunity to share the gospel with many non-Christians in the Bethel area. We have three temporary structures in Bethel that we use for church and school. The walls on these buildings were opened so the approximately one thousand people could hear Pastor Diogene boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. He said that there was a quiet hush over the audience as he shared and we pray that God will use this message in the lives of many. Continue Reading →