August 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we write these newsletters, we have often shared with you about some of the teams that we take to Haiti. Four or five time a year we lead short-term mission trips, usually lasting between ten days and two weeks. Some of these teams come from churches. Others come from college ministries. And some are made up of a variety of individuals who are connected only by a familiarity with this ministry and a desire to serve their Lord.

We’ve shared about the various projects and ministries they’ve helped with. They have built schools, churches, and houses and done maintenance projects at the orphanage. They’ve carried audio-visual equipment into remote villages so that we can show the Jesus Film, and they’ve taught English to school children. They’ve encouraged Haitian believers with testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their own lives, and they have helped with various clinics and distributions, and much, much more. But I’m not sure we’ve ever shared in one of these letters our real purpose for these trips. Why do we do it? Continue Reading →