December 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m on my way home again after spending the last two weeks in Haiti.  It was another great trip as we saw God at work in many ways.  Vince Buys and Brent Ahrens were our well drilling team on this trip.  I really appreciate these guys, going out early each morning and donating their time to serve the Lord in this way.  We look forward to providing good, pure water in each of the villages that we minister in.  We are seeing such positive results of the wells that are currently producing – there is less sickness and also the people are realizing that this is a gift from God and it softens hearts for the gospel.

We have a good producing well in Ravine.  It was one of the first wells we dug and the people of Ravine are so thankful.  I went along with Pastor Diogene on Sunday night for the last night of a week-long spiritual life crusade in Ravine.  Diogene was asked to preach that night.  Now Ravine is not an easy place to access.  When we visited there in August, the road was so bad that I got high centered at one point and the passengers had to get out in order for me to proceed.  Continue Reading →