December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

While I was in Haiti in October, Jonette, one our orphanage workers, came to see Daniel and me.  She asked if we could loan her some money to pay a nurse who was caring for her.  Two weeks before Jonette had been bitten by a dog while carrying some things on her head from the market.  She fell and hurt her back and hip which was still painful – however the dog bite seemed to be healing.  Jonette told us that she has six children, and when I asked her about a husband she hung her head in shame and said she was never married.

Now Jonette had paid out all her money for the medical care and had no food for her children.  We gave her enough to care for her family and pay the nurse until she could get back to work and continue to support her family.  She came back to work about a week later and seemed to be healed and doing well.  Then about three weeks ago Jonette got sick again.  When Daniel heard about it he immediately had Garry take her to a clinic in Gros Morne.  The doctor examined her, considered her symptoms and told them that she would die soon.  The dog had given her rabies, and she had not been treated for it soon enough.  There was nothing more to do.  Garry had to take her back home.  When Garry reported this to Daniel, he immediately called a doctor friend in Port-au-Prince for a second opinion.  The doctor concurred and said it was too late to treat. Continue Reading →