December 2012 Newsletter


Yvenord Alexis was a non-Christian when we met him on Friday, November 23, 2012. Pastor Esau and I went to Morne Chaise to talk to some couples who were supposed to make plans for their weddings. Two ladies and one man were present at the meeting. The other guy couldn’t make it. They told us they couldn’t get married because their houses are in such bad shape. Who cares about a house when it comes to getting married if two people have been living together for half of their lives with kids in “a house”? Well, whoever told us those couples wanted to get married missed the point. As our conversation went farther, we discovered that the man we were talking to was not a Christian. We shifted our focus from the wedding plans to “soul fishing”. We came back with a soul in our net for Jesus. Yvenord Alexis became a Christian. Praise God!

I just received this letter from our Haitian Director Daniel this morning.  This is what God has called Starfish Ministries to do.  It doesn’t matter what we are dealing with each day – we see those circumstances as an opportunity to share Jesus and last Friday that is exactly what Daniel and Pastor Esau did.  We thank God for their sensitivity to where God is at work and to boldly present Christ Jesus whenever the opportunity comes. Continue Reading →