September 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


Glenn Bridges, Vince Buys and I are leaving for Haiti on September 15.  Glenn will be working on the water systems and electrical needs for the medical clinic.  Vince will be drilling a well in Ti-David and if time allows will move the drilling rig to Port au Prince and drill another well there.  I will be working with our Haitian director Daniel and our school directors, Norius and Duvigno as we plan and prepare for the upcoming school year.

We are so thankful for Norius and Duvigno.  God has raised them up to handle the administration of our schools in Haiti.  And they do an excellent job!

Sheryl and I met Norius and his wife Linda on our early trips to Haiti.  Several times, before we had a guesthouse in Tricotte, they would move out of their bedroom and graciously have us stay in their home, giving us their best room.  It was the room that had an outside door that led directly up the path to the outhouse – that was quite convenient! Continue Reading →