October 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m on my way home again from Haiti.   Glenn Bridges, Vince Buys and I spent two weeks in Tricotte and Port-au-Prince.  I really appreciate these guys and their service to the Lord as they serve the people of Haiti in very practical ways.

Vince is one of our well drilling experts and he spent nine days of the trip working on drilling two wells.  The first one was in Ti-David, one of our school and church villages.  After he and his Haitian helpers, Michelan and Wilson, got the equipment set up we were led by Pastor Esau in a time of prayer, asking for safety and success.  This village is about a half hour walk away from a river and that is the source of all their water needs.  So having a well with a good hand pump will be very helpful for them.  Our prayer is that we find pure, clean, drinkable water to provide for this entire village.  But it wasn’t to happen on this trip.  On the third day of drilling and down to about 85 feet one of the cables broke.  So Vince and crew had to reattach the bit with the remaining cable but it wasn’t enough to go much further down.  Vince had estimated that this well would need to be over 150 feet deep. Continue Reading →