Pastor Simon, a friend of Starfish Ministries, killed

I received word late last week from Daniel that one of our pastor friends in Haiti was killed Friday night. Pastor Simon was the current president of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti (elected after Pastor Diogene’s term was up). He arrived at his home late Friday night after attending a two day pastors’ conference and was confronted by several men. We don’t know why but just know that a ransom was initially demanded. When the police checked they found Simon dead from a gunshot wound in a field behind his house. His wife was also shot, lost quite a bit of blood and is in a hospital in Port-au-Prince. Their children are all living in the US, going to school. Please prayer for the family and all affected by this tragedy.

December 2013 Newsletter

Pastor Joe is one of the leaders in the local church in Tricotte. His wife runs a small business buying and selling various products ranging from toiletries to foodstuffs to household goods. She travels to Port-au-Prince to buy the merchandise and brings it back to Tricotte, where she separates it into smaller lots to sell at the market. In this way, she is able to contribute to the household income and help to support their children.

Pastor Joe wanted other people in the village to be able to do this and similar things to support their own families. But most people in Haiti are unable to scrape together even enough money to fund the smallest business venture. Pastor Joe hoped to help. He wanted to be able to make small loans to people from the village who had a viable business plan. Continue Reading →

November 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your partnership with us in God’s work in Haiti.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to be ministering there but never take for granted your prayer and financial support. Without them it wouldn’t be possible.  And with that support much is being accomplished for God’s glory in the lives of needy Haitian children and adults.

Garry Charles is a young man from an area close to the village of Tricotte. He was the son of a witchdoctor, but his mom became a Christian and is now active in the church.  Garry’s dad left his mom several years ago to live with another woman.  And Garry could easily have followed his dad’s footsteps. BUT God used Daniel Thelusmond, our Haitian director, to intervene in Garry’s life.  Garry went through a rough time in his late teens, and many people turned their backs on him – but not Daniel. Continue Reading →