February 2017 Newsletter

Doug and I spent the last week of January in Tricotte with a team of 13 from Lynden.  It’s been a pleasure working with Rod Tjoelker and the team he assembled for this trip.  They worked on several construction projects: putting a roof on our Learning and Development Center (LDC) in Tricotte, finishing up some small items on the Boys’ Dorm at the orphanage, assembling and installing desks, chairs and bookshelves in our Starfish Ministries offices in Tricotte, and putting up a couple more solar powered street lights in Tricotte.  Another huge project was sorting and staging clothes, shoes, and medical supplies.  The five women on the team spent many hours on this project. The team did a great job and got a lot of work done.  And most importantly God is using this mission trip experience to affect their lives for His glory!

On Wednesday morning we traveled to Pommier, the newest of our school villages.  The last time I was there we had to hike into the village but much to my surprise, Daniel drove us all the way to the new school.  The villagers had worked hard to broaden the walking path so we could now navigate the new road with four wheel drive vehicles.

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