May 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

While in Haiti last month, I met up with Dr. Reynaud Petit-Frere. Dr. Reynaud is a dentist who has been practicing dentistry in Port-au-Prince for about five years. Dr. Reynaud was born and raised in the village of Tricotte. His family was very poor, his parents never had the opportunity to go to school, and they lived in a mud hut with a thatched roof until just a few years ago. But Dr. Reynaud’s parents encouraged him and his siblings to work hard and get as much education as they possibly could.

I first met Reynaud about 15 years ago when he had just finished high school. At that time he wanted to fulfill his dream of continuing his education and of becoming a dentist, but he had no support. A couple of team members who were with me in Haiti at that time were touched by Reynaud’s story and need and agreed to sponsor him through his university/medical school education. Seven years later Reynaud completed all of his university requirements, graduated and is now Dr. Reynaud Petit-Frere. Continue Reading →

April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Glenn and I were back in Haiti for a couple of weeks in March.  Glenn took along a team from his church in Kelseyville, California.  The team consisted of his sister Katie, our granddaughter Kristyn, and three young men, Christopher, Patrick and Timothy.  The women focused on teaching English to our orphanage kids, and the men worked with Glenn on finish work at the medical clinic.  They all were very involved in sharing testimonies and lessons during the evening devotions at the orphanage.  I was encouraged as I listened to each team member share how God used this trip to affect his or her life. Continue Reading →

March 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It has been so good to hear the results of our micro loan project in the Tricotte area. God has used this program to bless many families, and I wanted to share with you a couple of the success stories.

Octalien Pierre is the father of nine children. Two of them are married and the other seven are in school, mostly in high school. Octalien’s wife was injured several years ago and hasn’t been able to help to provide income for the family. Octalien has plenty of land to farm but needed money to buy corn seed and banana starts. So in September he borrowed 1000 Haitian dollars, which is the equivalent of $125 US. He was able to purchase his seed and banana starts and planted his crops in October 2013. Continue Reading →

February 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Tricotte, Haiti!!  Glenn and I, along with a team of 11, are in Haiti doing a variety of ministries. Glenn has been working on installing windows at the new medical clinic and several other construction-related projects.

Rod Tjoelker is leading a team of four who are putting a roof on a small two-story house at the orphanage.  The concrete block walls were almost completed when we arrived so they were ready for our roofing crew. They began by installing the top plate on the walls, then built the trusses yesterday, installing the trusses and purlins today, and will install the metal roofing tomorrow morning while it’s a little cooler. The lower floor of this house includes the orphanage office and a small living space for one of our teachers. Our orphanage director, Apollos, will live upstairs on the second floor. Continue Reading →

January 2014 Newsletter

Thank you for your partnership with us as we begin our seventeenth year of ministry in Haiti. We thank God for you and your faithful prayers and support for this work that God is allowing us to be a small part of. Your response to the Christmas Giving List items was tremendous. As a result we will be able to provide over sixty micro loans that will give great opportunity to needy families to begin providing for themselves. We have enough money to purchase chickens to start our orphanage chicken farm to help provide eggs and meat for our orphans. And goats, food for school children, Bibles & songbooks that you provide through your generosity are all such a blessing to many. Thank you so much for making this possible through your giving.

About three weeks ago, our Haitian director, Daniel was preparing to leave Tricotte to travel to Port-au-Prince when a young man from Moinville came to see him. Daniel is always sensitive to what God may have for him as he encounters people each day. This day was no exception and Daniel told me he sensed that he needed to set aside his plans and listen to this young man’s story. Continue Reading →

December 2013 Newsletter

Pastor Joe is one of the leaders in the local church in Tricotte. His wife runs a small business buying and selling various products ranging from toiletries to foodstuffs to household goods. She travels to Port-au-Prince to buy the merchandise and brings it back to Tricotte, where she separates it into smaller lots to sell at the market. In this way, she is able to contribute to the household income and help to support their children.

Pastor Joe wanted other people in the village to be able to do this and similar things to support their own families. But most people in Haiti are unable to scrape together even enough money to fund the smallest business venture. Pastor Joe hoped to help. He wanted to be able to make small loans to people from the village who had a viable business plan. Continue Reading →

November 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your partnership with us in God’s work in Haiti.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to be ministering there but never take for granted your prayer and financial support. Without them it wouldn’t be possible.  And with that support much is being accomplished for God’s glory in the lives of needy Haitian children and adults.

Garry Charles is a young man from an area close to the village of Tricotte. He was the son of a witchdoctor, but his mom became a Christian and is now active in the church.  Garry’s dad left his mom several years ago to live with another woman.  And Garry could easily have followed his dad’s footsteps. BUT God used Daniel Thelusmond, our Haitian director, to intervene in Garry’s life.  Garry went through a rough time in his late teens, and many people turned their backs on him – but not Daniel. Continue Reading →

October 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m on my way home again from Haiti.   Glenn Bridges, Vince Buys and I spent two weeks in Tricotte and Port-au-Prince.  I really appreciate these guys and their service to the Lord as they serve the people of Haiti in very practical ways.

Vince is one of our well drilling experts and he spent nine days of the trip working on drilling two wells.  The first one was in Ti-David, one of our school and church villages.  After he and his Haitian helpers, Michelan and Wilson, got the equipment set up we were led by Pastor Esau in a time of prayer, asking for safety and success.  This village is about a half hour walk away from a river and that is the source of all their water needs.  So having a well with a good hand pump will be very helpful for them.  Our prayer is that we find pure, clean, drinkable water to provide for this entire village.  But it wasn’t to happen on this trip.  On the third day of drilling and down to about 85 feet one of the cables broke.  So Vince and crew had to reattach the bit with the remaining cable but it wasn’t enough to go much further down.  Vince had estimated that this well would need to be over 150 feet deep. Continue Reading →