April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We first wrote about the village of Bethel in our June 2004 newsletter.  Here is an excerpt from that letter.

This past Tuesday, some of us went along with Pastor Diogene and his Port-au-Prince team to share in a Bible Study in the village of Bethel. This is the village we were introduced to through the unfortunate circumstances of Joe, our truck driver, who hit and killed a drunk pedestrian. Because of that incident Pastor Diogene met with a judge who invited him to his home village of Bethel. After meeting with the judge Pastor Diogene was invited to begin a Bible study in this village every Tuesday afternoon.

Four weeks ago, 14 unsaved people came together under a large tree to study the Gospel of John . The next week 22 were there. The third week it was 26 of which two indicated a desire to become Christians. When we were there, 36 people came to hear the Word of God shared and three more became Christians. Pastor Steve had the opportunity to pray with them. It is so exciting to see the interest and hunger for the truth. One of the older women in the group was a witch doctor’s wife. Many more people passed by, slowed down, and listened for a while, wondering what was going on.

We are in the process of purchasing land in Bethel and expect to start a small Christian school there this fall. An evangelistic crusade will be held there sometime this summer. Please pray for the people in this village — God is working in their midst. We are trusting Him for a great harvest of souls. Continue Reading →

January 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It seems this week everyone is looking back over the past decade.  Some make lists of the best and the worst.  Some relate memorable experiences and stories.  Some merely reflect on where we’ve come these last ten years.

I actually did this – somewhat unintentionally – a couple of months ago.  I was doing some work on the Starfish Ministries website, which included assigning “tags” to all of our old newsletters (“orphanage,” “feeding program,” “well-drilling,” etc.).  This meant re-reading all of those newsletters.  And as I did this, a project I initially thought of as “busy work” soon became quite engrossing, like reading a novel about the last ten years of Starfish, with various plots and subplots woven together, and reoccurring themes and characters. Continue Reading →

March 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Pastor Diogene often asks me to extend his greetings and appreciation to his friends and supporters in America – so on behalf of Pastor Diogene, “Thank You so much for partnering with us in reaching out to the lost of Haiti.”

A couple of weeks ago Pastor Diogene presided over six marriages in the village of Bethel. It was a huge celebration! Prior to the church plant and spiritual transformation in Bethel, the witchdoctors discouraged couples from getting married. So none of them actually married. Now as these couples become Christians, they are encouraged by Pastor Diogene to be married as soon as possible. So six new Christian couples responded to what they believed was obedience to God and recited their marriage vows in a wedding ceremony. Continue Reading →

January 2009 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all of your support.  It is such a blessing to reflect on this past year, seeing how God has used many of His people across the United States and Canada to meet the needs of the poorest of the poor in the country of Haiti.  We have seen many children grow this year through the feeding, education, and orphanage ministries of Starfish.  This is done by way of your continued sponsorships and it’s been exciting to see your faithfulness in that.  We’ve also received at this time much giving toward the Christmas list items, including gifts from children wanting to bless those children less fortunate.  Many days we have felt as if the windows of heaven have opened up to bless the flood victims of the recent hurricanes in Haiti.  Food relief has flowed in and we have witnessed God supplying enough funds to build over 35 houses for the homeless in Haiti.  Our hearts are full of joy as we see what God is doing.  Your partnership with us in prayer and financial support is truly making a huge difference in the lives of many.  Continue Reading →

March 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In early February we had a short term mission team from Southridge Community Church in Langley, BC, join us in Tricotte for nine days.  They took over 100 soccer balls and uniforms with them and put on six mini soccer camps for children in our schools and orphanage.  The kids really enjoyed learning a few soccer moves and probably shared a few of their own with the team. One of the team members, Sandra Heppell, shared a flannel graph gospel presentation at each session.  The children appreciated the opportunity to see the story of creation and the cross in a visual form.

We really appreciated the work that was accomplished by this team as well.  They spent many hours pressure washing the orphanage walls and ceiling and then painting most of the walls.  The orphans got right in there and gave a cheerful helping hand.  They were rewarded with a party at the end of the week. Continue Reading →

February 2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we begin this year it is our desire to continue to share the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to the Haitian people.  We’re not always sure exactly how God wants us to do that.  Isaiah 55:8-9 says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.”   We hope to stay close to Him and allow Him to direct our lives in order to accomplish what He desires in Haiti.

Pastor Diogene recently told me that just 4 years ago Satan was in control of the village of Bethel, however today “the Living Christ reigns!”  The power of darkness has been overcome by the almighty power of God.  We have also seen this happen in several other villages where we started schools within the past few years.  And we trust that God is softening the hearts of people in many more villages.  As the great news of salvation through Jesus Christ is shared in villages through the school ministry, people are responding to God’s call bringing forth a great harvest of believers. Continue Reading →

October 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I just returned from four and a half weeks in Haiti.  A team from Grace Community Church in Auburn, WA, spent the past ten days with me ministering in the Tricotte area.  We were able to show the Jesus Film five times with many children responding to the Gospel invitation.  When we showed it in our school in the village of Pendu I was so touched when Pastor Diogene gave the invitation to receive Christ as Savior.  One eight year old boy raised his hand and would not put it down.  It was so obvious that he was serious and didn’t want Pastor Diogene to miss him.  How great it is to see these little ones trust the Lord and begin to follow Him.

The team also reached out to our orphanage kids in many ways.   Every day they spent time playing games, doing crafts or simply holding them.  The roof on the Tricotte church building was also completed.  I really appreciated this team – they worked hard to accomplish the worked God called them to do while in Haiti.  And I trust that God has impacted each of them in such a way that they will draw closer to Jesus themselves as they continue to serve Him back home. Continue Reading →

December 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I just got back from ten days in Haiti.  Due to the extreme rainy weather conditions, I couldn’t get to Tricotte.  The rivers were too high and the roads were too muddy.  So I spent the time in Port-au-Prince.  That wasn’t my plan but I keep learning that it’s not my plans that matter.  And I’ve learned to adjust to whatever God has in mind for me, even though I miss seeing our orphanage children. 

Spending the time in Port-au-Prince gave me the opportunity to push toward getting the container out of customs.  We are thankful that was accomplished.  For five months with one obstacle after another it sat in customs.   But with a little pressure and a lot of prayer, the container is now in a secure location in Port-au-Prince.  Due to the weather conditions we couldn’t have it trucked to Tricotte.  As the conditions improve we will bring the contents to Tricotte in our dump truck. Continue Reading →