April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We first wrote about the village of Bethel in our June 2004 newsletter.  Here is an excerpt from that letter.

This past Tuesday, some of us went along with Pastor Diogene and his Port-au-Prince team to share in a Bible Study in the village of Bethel. This is the village we were introduced to through the unfortunate circumstances of Joe, our truck driver, who hit and killed a drunk pedestrian. Because of that incident Pastor Diogene met with a judge who invited him to his home village of Bethel. After meeting with the judge Pastor Diogene was invited to begin a Bible study in this village every Tuesday afternoon.

Four weeks ago, 14 unsaved people came together under a large tree to study the Gospel of John . The next week 22 were there. The third week it was 26 of which two indicated a desire to become Christians. When we were there, 36 people came to hear the Word of God shared and three more became Christians. Pastor Steve had the opportunity to pray with them. It is so exciting to see the interest and hunger for the truth. One of the older women in the group was a witch doctor’s wife. Many more people passed by, slowed down, and listened for a while, wondering what was going on.

We are in the process of purchasing land in Bethel and expect to start a small Christian school there this fall. An evangelistic crusade will be held there sometime this summer. Please pray for the people in this village — God is working in their midst. We are trusting Him for a great harvest of souls. Continue Reading →

January 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It seems this week everyone is looking back over the past decade.  Some make lists of the best and the worst.  Some relate memorable experiences and stories.  Some merely reflect on where we’ve come these last ten years.

I actually did this – somewhat unintentionally – a couple of months ago.  I was doing some work on the Starfish Ministries website, which included assigning “tags” to all of our old newsletters (“orphanage,” “feeding program,” “well-drilling,” etc.).  This meant re-reading all of those newsletters.  And as I did this, a project I initially thought of as “busy work” soon became quite engrossing, like reading a novel about the last ten years of Starfish, with various plots and subplots woven together, and reoccurring themes and characters. Continue Reading →

August 2006 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Glenn & I spent half of July in Haiti.  While there I worked with Norius, our school director, on the school budget for the upcoming year.  Due to the anticipated increase in enrollment in our current 26 elementary schools Norius asked for 13 additional teachers.  We budget for teachers at the ratio of one teacher for every 40 students so that equates to an additional 520 children in these schools.  Without adding any more schools that would put us at almost 6500 students in September.  However, many requests have come in for us to start new schools and we have made commitments to two additional villages which will add another 200 children in September.  We are excited about the opportunity to serve these 28 villages with education for their children.   And ultimately it opens the door to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Continue Reading →

December 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I made it! The hike to Corail was accomplished without the use of a motorcycle. On November 10, we left Tricotte at 8:00 AM. We drove about 25 minutes to the village of Canifice. There we parked the vehicle and began the hike. The night before I had decided that I wanted to attempt the hike but was somewhat concerned whether my body could handle it. As I prayed that night, I acknowledged to God my weakness and looked to Him for His unlimited strength. The next morning I sensed that strength and experienced it as we hiked up that mountain trail. The hike followed a small river which we had to cross 14 times before we arrived at our destination one and one half hours later. Continue Reading →

September 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Over 100 people from Bethel attended the first Sunday church service in their own church on August 7th. The team who constructed the building was there to worship with them. It was a great day! God used Pastor Diogene’s message to speak to the heart of another young woman who then prayed to receive Christ as Savior.

I had been getting a little anxious about the building clearing customs in time — but again, God was right on time. He always is. My timing would have been to give me a little breathing room, but His timing is perfect. The team arrived in Haiti at about noon on Friday and the building cleared customs and was delivered at 4:00 that afternoon. So on a very hot and humid Saturday morning, the team assembled the 24’ X 50’ building in about two and one half hours. (Check out our website at www.starfishministries.org and see some photos of the building in process and completed.) Before the assembly was completed and we were still building benches, the gals on the team made a “flannel-graph” presentation of the gospel to the children who had been watching the construction process. Continue Reading →

August 2005 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

“Great!” was the response from Pastor Diogene when I asked him how things were going in the village of Bethel. “The people there are so hungry for the Word of God and are really growing in their faith in Jesus.” He went on to say that they are very anxious to get a church started. “Every time I’m there people ask when they will be able to have a church building.”

Pastor Diogene has been sharing from the Bible each Tuesday afternoon in Bethel, but as yet there has been no service on Sunday. Last Tuesday afternoon’s Bible study (July 26) had 40 adults and almost 50 children in attendance. When Pastor Diogene shared about the “saving blood of Jesus Christ, shed for lost sinners,” one young man with a voodoo background fell down and passed out. When he came back to consciousness, Pastor shared with him and he prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. Another sinner saved by the precious blood of Jesus! Continue Reading →

February 2004 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Due to the current political situation in Haiti, I’m not there. Pastor Diogene called me a few days before I was to leave and said it was difficult to travel in the country due to the “manifestations.” The Haitians demonstrate by burning tires to block roads and by marching down the streets in large crowds not allowing traffic to proceed. In order to get to the Tricotte area, we have to travel a little in Port-au-Prince and then through several large towns. Getting through these towns when the people are demonstrating isn’t possible. They totally block off all possible routes. So we’ll wait for a couple of months and pray that things will cool off. Continue Reading →