Dear Friends,

I’m currently in Tricotte, Haiti, with a team of 19 college students from Western Washington University.  They have given their spring vacation to serve on a short term mission trip.  Art and Cyndy Berry from Bellingham along with Glenn make a great leadership team, doing whatever is necessary to keep everything going smoothly.  The team has been painting at the orphanage and at Pastor Diogene’s house as well as teaching English to the orphanage children.  They are also sorting through clothes and shoes from a container we sent earlier and these items will be distributed to the orphans on Saturday morning.  And for many hours a day they have been playing with and nurturing the kids.  It has been so good to see them connect with these precious kids and make a difference in their lives as they love on them for these few days.

In February when we were here we had drilled a 140 foot well in the village of Tricotte.  When we left we were pleased with the production of about three gallons per minute.  Glenn was going to install a hand pump on the well during this trip but as he rechecked the volume of water it was down to less that a half gallon per minute which was not enough for a pump.  So the decision was made to continue to drill.  After Glenn got the drilling rig set up he called the team and several Haitians together – we surrounded the rig, held hands and all prayed for success in the continued effort.  After a couple hours and about ten addition feet of depth Glenn reported that he had reached a good deal of water.  He continued down another ten feet and then began to pump with an electric pump.  We now have over seven gallons per minute and the water seems to be very good.  We are so thankful to the Creator and His provision again.  This water will be enough to provide pure drinking water for the orphanage and the entire village of Tricotte.

Pastor Diogene asked to include a letter from him this month:

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ, our resurrected Savior.  I want to thank you for all of your prayers, for your continuing support, your faithfulness and your obedience.  I tell you God has used you to realize His work in Haiti.  Right now I want to tell you about what’s going on in Haiti.  Life becomes more difficult.  The unemployment is about 85% and we experience inflation every day.  Food prices go up every time we go to the market to buy food.  I want you to know that I appreciate very much your donations toward the hunger of Haiti.  We are not able to cover everywhere but we have been able to help many families with your help.  I Corinthians 15:58 – God knows what you are doing – how God appreciated your good work.  My wife and I are joining our voice together to say a big thanks for what you have been able to do for those hungry communities.  We believe that God is going to bless you. 

Please pray for rain because Haiti is very dry.  We need rain to start planting the seeds so we can have a good harvest to help the people.  Starfish Ministries in Haiti says thank you very much to those faithful servants of Jesus Christ.  Pray also for the security of this land.  How I want you to know that God’s Word is going forth in the Power of the Holy Spirit.  We have seen many people come to Jesus during this time.  Church buildings are too small and the power of the darkness becomes very weak. Also please pray for continued revival in Haiti. 

In Christ,

Pastor Diogene

Thank you again for your partnership with us,

Bernie & Sheryl Bovenkamp


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