Doug made it into PAP about 2:00 this afterno0n.  Again God provided transportation after many efforts failed.  A divine appointment of the wife of a former medical school classmate of one of the doctors “happened” along and was heading for PAP and had room for them.  Isn’t God Great!!!  He has just provided in so many ways. 

Doug will be staying with Pastor Diogene and Lionette at the Mephibosheth Children’s Home.  Doug is ready for a good night’s rest.  Tomorrow he will be worshipping with the PAP church out on the street.  Then Doug and Diogene will begin the process of assessing the needs and discussing a plan of action.  I am so thankful for Doug and his willingness to be our eyes and ears on the front line in Haiti.  God has raised up a gifted young man for “a time such as this” and Doug is obediently faithful to the call.  His wife Ruth is to be commended as well — for her to give her blessing on this trip takes a lot of grace.  Thank you Ruth and sons Joshua & Jonathan.

Whenever you are praying, please remember Doug.  Thank you so much.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip



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