Many of you have already contacted Bernie to express support and ask how you might help.  In response, Bernie has set up an Earthquake Relief Fund that you are welcome to contribute to.

Our first relief priortity will be make sure that our 35 orphans in Port-au-Prince, along with Pastor Diogene and all of our other partners in ministry have food, water, shelter, and medical attention if necessary.  And we are praying that Pastor Diogene and members of his team will be able to reach those in need and deliver the necessary provisions on our behalf.

Once these immediate emergency needs are addressed, our next priority will be the short- and long-term futures of the 35 orphans in Port-au-Prince.  As soon as it practical, Bernie and (most likely) Glenn Bridges, will go to Port-au-Prince to assess the situation and, along with Pastor Diogene, determine our next step.  Pray for God’s wisdom and leading in this.  Living arrangements for these young people may be a pressing need.  Whether or not it’s practical for them to remain in Port-au-Prince will need to be determined.

There are also certain to be significant relief needs among members of Pastor Diogene’s church in Port-au-Prince and others who are, in various ways, connected to Starfish Ministries.  This could include rebuilding homes or drilling wells where water supplies have been lost.

God has placed us in a unique position to minister in Haiti, and we are commited to faithfully use the resources He provides to show Christ’s love to these hurting people.  Thank you for your partnership in this.

Visit our Contributions page if you would like to donate.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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