Bernie was able to speak to a Pastor Al of the Church of the Open Door in Minnesota this evening.  The Church of the Open supports Pastor Diogene and Leonette in their Mephibosheth Home for handicapped orphans in Port-au-Prince, and there is a team from their church in Port-au-Price right now.

A member of the team was able to get a brief message out to her parents.  The team is safe, and all of the children at Mephibosheth are safe as well.  Pastor Diogene and Leonette, however, were away from Mephibosheth at the time of the earthquake, and at the time of the message the team had not heard from them.

It would seem most likely that they are unable to return because the roads are impassable, but we don’t know for sure.

Bernie also spoke to Art Berry, who is from Bellingham, Washington, but partners with us in Haiti on various projects.  Art was able to reach a contact in Port-au-Prince.  The news was that there are a lot of buildings in ruins and a lot of unpassable roads.

Please continue to pray for safety for Pastor Diogene and Leonette, for the Minnesota team, for all of those who are connected with Starfish Ministries in Port-au-Prince, and for all of those who are affected by this catastrophe.  But also thank God for sparing Mephibosheth and the team and the children there.



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