Dear friends,

 As we arrived at the orphanage in Tricotte on Friday, January 11, we were introduced to our 3 new girls, two year old Christla, five year old March-Darline, and ten year old Morana.  These sisters were discovered about a month ago, homeless, living under a small lean-to shelter in a slum area of Port au Prince.  They were hungry and malnourished.  Their mother had deserted them and their father was unable to care for them.  What a blessing it is now to see them accepted by their new brothers and sisters in the orphanage.  We have not had a child as young as Chrisla before, but she is a “hit”.  The older girls all want to care for her, passing her from one to another.  God has chosen these three girls to be part of the orphanage ministry.  He has a special purpose for each of these precious lives.  Our responsibility is to raise them up physically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually and in so doing allowing God to impact their lives for His kingdom.

We are so encouraged as we see the kids growing up.  Sixteen year old Daniel Maurice, with the help of Starfish teams but mostly teaching himself, now speaks good English.  One day Daniel shared with us that he sponsors a boy in the poverty stricken area of Jean Rabel.  A few of our children are from that area.  Daniel pays 36 Haitian dollars a year for this boy to go to school ($7.20 in U.S.).  He made the commitment to do this before he knew where the money would come from, believing “I knew that God would supply.”  Daniel is always a big help when we’re there, helping us however he can, and I often give him a dollar or two.  Now I know those $$ are passed on to someone even more needy than Daniel.  We thank and praise God for these young men and women in the orphanage who are godly examples and leaders of the younger children.

We are in need of a sponsor for 2 of these new girls in the orphanage at $30 monthly.  As our school ministry continues to grow there are always children available to support at $25 monthly.  We were able to visit 3 of our schools during our January trip. 

In Ravine (our newest school), the children are getting a meal each noon.  What an indescribable joy to see these children fill their tummies with a hot bowl of rice!  Our school director says he sees a definite difference in these children compared to the other schools.  Their hunger is satisfied and they are eager to learn. 

We sense that God is leading us toward a feeding program that would extend to all of our schools.  Yes, that would be a huge financial step, but we know God is faithful and we believe He would have us take this step.

This trip was a milestone for Sheryl and me.  Our oldest grandchild, Jonathan, was the first of his generation to make the trip.  Along with his mother, Krishelle, and Glenn and Anita we had a great time.  Jonathan fit right in with the orphanage and village kids.  We were a little envious of his ability to catch on to the language so easily.  He played soccer, dominoes, cards, wrestled with the boys, and had fun just doing things kids like to do.  The highlight of the trip he said, was meeting his sister Myrlande, whom their family has sponsored for 4 years.  Wherever he went, people referred to him as the “petite blanc” (little white)!


In April I will be leading a small team to Haiti.  I plan to take some supplies for the orphanage.  Following is a list of things needed.  If you live in the Lynden area and would like to donate something you can drop it off at the front counter at Westside Building Supply in Lynden.  Please mark it “Haiti”. 

  • Bar soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Body lotion
  • Forks
  • Tablespoons
  • Fitted or flat twin size sheets
  • Boys belts
  • Boys “church type” shoes
  • Boys “church type” pants

If anyone is interested in sending a gift for a sponsored child I could also take that on this trip.  It must be in a gallon size or smaller ziplock type bag.  Please mark the bag with the child’s name and your name.  All articles must reach us by March 29.

Thanks again for your prayers and financial support.  It is truly a blessing to partner with you.

Serving our Lord together,

Bernie and Sheryl


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