Dear Friends,

This morning, January 29, 2021, two containers filled with Manna-Pack rice left Port-au-Prince for Tricotte. Prior to 2020 we were receiving several containers a year from Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).  But then came the Covid-19 pandemic and FMSC had great challenges in packing the meals so very few loads were available to ship.

I received the following from Lucner a few weeks ago:

 In an interview with two families at SFM Church of Belair, we had the opportunity to meet with them today: Fucien Méance (66 years old), Rosemane Méance (65 years old) and Madame Saint Lus Orélus (65 years old). They are all farmers, but because the land is not irrigated too much; they could not have a serious harvest that they could sell in the public market and get other food that they would like to buy to feed themselves.

Manna Pack was a very good food for them, it was a guarantee to help them fight against the famine, when they got a box of Manna Pack, it gave them the opportunity to feed their families without any difficulties and it facilitates them as well to share hot meal when they cook it with their neighbors who are very in-need like them. We have known so many people with economic problems who depend on Manna Pack for their daily survival. They discuss between them and pray when Manna Pack rice meal will get back in their village because life is hard and complicated to get something to eat in the zone where they are living. Their prayers are to see Manna Pack comes very soon in the village. Then life will be changed to survive better.

Starfish Ministries was able to help many of them with food relief during this time due to the much-appreciated donations. However, the cost of purchasing food in Haiti is many times higher than the FMSC containers. So now with these two containers we will be able to help many more needy people. And they experience the answer to their prayers! We really appreciate FMSC’s partnership with us as they supply Manna-Pack for the most-needy of Haiti.

Over half of the FMSC food is used in our school feeding program. So many of our students depend on this hot meal they receive every day at school. When we have sufficient food available, we are also able to help several other schools in the Tricotte area. Children with empty stomachs do not concentrate on the academics but on their hungry condition.

This reminds me of several years ago in the early years of our ministry. We started supporting a few schools in 2000. Sheryl and I visited one of those schools in September of that year and saw approximately 150 very sad children. We asked what the problem was, and the answer was that they were all hungry. We didn’t realize until then what desperate conditions so many experienced. That was the beginning of our feeding program in the schools. Two months later Sheryl and I visited that same school again. The difference was amazing! 150 happy children rushed out of their classrooms, jumping and shouting for joy! Their stomachs were full, and their learning could proceed.

Sheryl shared a testimony that day with the students and after an explanation of the good news about Jesus Christ, every one of those children came forward in response to the gospel message. God used the feeding ministry and to open hearts of spiritually hungry souls. And He is still doing so today.

The medical clinic in Tricotte continues to meet needs throughout the area. A couple of months ago Islene Joseph walked for over two hours from the village of Charbe carrying her son, Kenlove. She had noticed “something walking in the boy’s hair” and some sores so she brought him to the clinic.

The doctors examined him and quickly saw that he had lice in his hair and several sores. They treated him for several days at the clinic. They also realized Kenlove was suffering from malnourishment, so they were able to help this young, teenage mother with instruction of how to care for her son.

Lucner writes, “The family thanks the doctors in the clinic and all the sponsors that contribute to have this great health center in Tricotte to serve people with good care. They pray that God would continue to bless and protect all of you.”

We really appreciate each of you – for your prayer and financial support! God is using it to touch so many lives. Please pray for Daniel and his team in Haiti. Haiti is going through difficult times as demonstrations are rampant throughout the country. The current method of disruption is closing down gas stations. The protestors meet in those places and do not allow anyone to pass. Without fuel the country comes to a standstill. We trust that God will use this also to bring the lost to Himself.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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