Dear Friends,
Philius Charles is the leader of our elderly/handicapped ministry.  Philius and his wife have organized a team of 17 workers to assist in this outreach ministry.  This ministry was launched about 18 months ago and is now serving 86 elderly and handicapped people.  This team of servants travels three times a week to very remote villages to meet with the 86 and assess their needs and deliver food and other necessities. 
The elderly ministry team does so much more than deliver food.  Many of the 86 have been abandoned, left behind when family members move, and as a result had no one to care for them.  For those who are all alone, the team works with neighbors and church members to help them survive by cooking for them and carrying water as needed.  And along with physical food the team shares the living, spiritual food of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Since the beginning of this ministry, 17 have responded to the gospel.  Many more of them are attending church now because of the team and neighbors’ invitation.  They indicate a desire to learn about God’s word.  One of them indicated that he had heard of Jesus, but no one had come to tell him who Jesus is until now.
Philius writes:
As testimony of many of them, they say that the support brings joy in their life and improve the condition of life, in the past they used to spend days without eating anything, but by being supported in this ministry smiling appears every day in their face and they get food to eat. According to their testimony, the leaders of Starfish Ministries have a different and a touching heart for needy people; because in such province areas the Haitian government do not think of the handicap people especially for those who are living so far in province areas, but you guys you are a such blessings for people like me; you make a big difference. Thank you so much for this precious provision. They charge me as their leader to thank you guys for this help, and they ask God in their prayer to bless you more and more. They love you all.
Philius also shares this testimony:
Here is a story about Magre Tissaint, a handicapped person in the Elderly Ministry. She is from Pendu area, she was born on March 18th, 1960; she has problem in her feet that has caused her to be crippled since she was born. She has four children, two girls, and two boys, but not married. The father of her children passed away about ten years ago. Their kids are farmers.
The leaders in the Elderly Program always share the gospel with her when they go to see the beneficiaries in the program, by their advice, Magre responded to Jesus in her life and become a Christian on March 9, 2023. Later three of their children also responded to the gospel. Thanks to this program, many people’s life transform spiritually, socially, and physically. According to Magre’s testimony as widow, life was so hard for her, after the death of her children’s father, she could not even take care of the children, the children were obliged to leave the school because of the tough situation they were living. With this ministry this lady testifies that she refunded joy when Starfish came with that support in the area where they are living. It is a blessing especially for me and the four children. Magre says thank you to all of you guys for bringing new life to such a remote area. The leaders of the ministry feed us with food kit like: rice, beans, oil, and seasoning, and plus the better meal “the gospel of Christ Jesus”.
May The Lord God continue to bless this ministry and continue to help us while we are living on earth. Thank you so much.
God has given us the privilege to serve the people of the Tricotte area of Haiti from birth to the very oldest of the population.  Babies are born safely in the medical clinic, and health care is provided for people of all ages.  60 children – ages four through 17 are cared for in the orphanage.  Many more children from preschool all the way through trade school and university are educated and fed through the school ministry. Children and adults alike are fed through the coffee and food program at the churches each Sunday morning.  Many of the poorest families in the region have received help through food relief. And now the elderly/handicapped ministry meets needs for 86 previously forgotten people.  And through every means possible, we present the gospel of Jesus Christ, trusting in Him to meet their greatest need.
Thank you so much for making this possible.  Your prayers and financial support are truly making a positive difference in Haitian lives.
Serving the Lord together,
Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp



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